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Rainbow Toe Beans - Paw Print Resin Necklace

Rainbow Toe Beans - Paw Print Resin Necklace

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Presenting our captivating Rainbow Toe Beans 🌈🐾 - Paw Print Necklace Collection – a blend of joy, creativity, and a tribute to our four-legged companions. Each necklace features a single hand-poured resin charm, expertly formed into a playful paw print. The magic of these pieces lies in the toes/pads, awash with a rainbow of colors - from fiery red to soothing purple.

The array of colors creates an appealing visual experience, transforming each charm into an intriguing conversation starter. The smooth matte finish of the charms adds an understated elegance, balancing out the vibrant palette of the toes/pads.

Every paw print charm dangles from an 18-inch black waxed cord, creating an alluring contrast with the vibrantly colored charm. The cord offers a versatile aesthetic and ensures the durability and longevity of your necklace.

Our Rainbow Toe Beans Paw Print Necklace Collection comes in base colors of deep black, shimmering silvery gray, pure white, and rustic brown. Each hue serves as a beautiful canvas for the multi-colored toes/pads, highlighting their brilliance.

Perfect for animal lovers or those with an eye for playful, artistic accessories, this collection carries the joy and companionship our pets bring into our lives. With our Rainbow Toe Beans Paw Print Necklace Collection, you can carry a vibrant symbol of pet love wherever you go.

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