Box Buy-Back Program

Thank you for your interest in the Tyler's Trinkets Box Buy-Back Program!

This program is designed to support the recycling and reuse of our custom nail polish boxes, while rewarding you with store credit to use on future purchases.


While some customers prefer to keep their polishes stored in their boxes, many will just discard the packaging once their purchases have arrived.

Our nail polish boxes are fully recyclable and you can place them in your curbside bin or local recycling location - BUT if you'd rather get some store credit toward more goodies, this program is for you!

Buying back like-new boxes helps us keep costs down by sanitizing and reusing the packaging, while reducing the likelihood of it ending up in a landfill.


We will gladly accept any number of boxes through this program, but to make it the best deal for you, we recommend waiting until you have at least 15 undamaged boxes before sending them back.

For every usable box we receive, we'll give you 30 cents (USD) in store credit!

Customer's are responsible for the cost of shipping, BUT if you send 15 or more usable boxes, we'll add another $4 to your store credit to compensate for the shipping! Pirate Ship is a great FREE resource to obtain printable shipping labels at rates that are much cheaper than paying at the counter in the post office. 


If you'd like to take advantage of this opportunity, fill out the Google Form below. If the form is not loading or you have any difficulty filling it out, you can access it directly by clicking here.

We will confirm your request and provide you with our P.O. Box shipping address and any additional details on sending back your boxes.

Prepare your boxes:

  • Ensure your boxes are "like-new" - we can't reuse boxes that are ripped/torn or have any damage to the outside
  • Carefully open the tabs at the top & bottom of your boxes
  • Flatten the boxes out by pushing on opposite corners (they should naturally start to flatten once you've opened both tabs)
  • You can ship your boxes back in whatever packaging you have available - we recommend reusing an old bubble mailer as these are the lightest & cheapest to ship (just seal it with some packing tape!) or even reusing the box your recent Tyler's Trinkets order came in


Once we receive and process your boxes, we will issue your store credit and notify you via the e-mail you use in the form! We aim to process any box returns within 2-3 business days (however this may be extended during peak times).


If the form below is not loading, you can access it directly here.