Combined Shipping

If you place more than one order before the first order has shipped and use the same e-mail address and shipping address on both orders, we will automatically combine the orders into one shipment and process a refund for any overage paid in shipping charges. 

This only applies to orders that have not yet been packaged/shipped.

This includes scenarios such as: You placed an order for a pre-order product/collection which is on-hold until the pre-order window is closed and later you place a second order for a newly released product.


If you've placed two orders with the same e-mail and shipping address and do not want them combined, please reply to your Order Confirmation email immediately upon receiving and let us know!


We make every effort to combine orders where possible to save you money and reduce the number of packages going out. However in some instances we may not be able to combine orders. Even if your order is not marked as shipped, it is possible it has already been packaged up in which case we would be unable to combine it with another order.


If you placed more than one order that you would like combined, and the e-mail addresses or shipping addresses do not match, you must reply to BOTH of your confirmation emails requesting that the orders be combined and confirm the desired shipping address. This helps ensure we have documented approval on both of the orders before proceeding.


If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out via the Contact Us page!