Who We Are

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👋 Hi - I'm Tyler!

My name is Tyler (you may also know me as @polishedupbaker on Instagram) and I’m the owner and maker behind Tyler's Trinkets. Learn a little more about me and my brand below, and thank you for checking out my shop! 🥰

With support from the many amazing people and brands I met through my nail Instagram, I started this brand in 2022. After losing a charm on a pair of earrings one day, I decided to design, 3D-print, and hand-paint my own replacement. What started as a quick fix for a lost earring, developed into an exciting adventure - originally making primarily earrings and other trinkets painted with my unnecessarily large collection of nail polish . Earlier this year I channeled my love for the nail polish community and added hand-mixed, small-batch nail polishes to my shop as well!