Welcome to Tyler's Trinkets! ❤️

We have temporarily closed the online shop while we move to our new location!

We're hoping to re-open in mid-August, but be sure to sign up for the email list or follow us on Instagram for updates!

We will also be in the September Polish Pickup shop with an exclusive polish & trinket! 😎

Below you can find answers to some common questions regarding the temporary closure:

Temporary Closure FAQs

Are you permanently closed?

Of course not! This closure is only temporary in order to give us time to pack up the many materials, products, tools, and equipment and get them set up in our new space! We're hoping to be back up and running in August 🤞

Why is everything on the site "sold out"?

Instead of locking down the website with a password while we're closed, we decided to just remove the stock from any existing products. This effectively makes the store "not shoppable" since there's nothing available to buy.

The benefit is that instead of being locked out of the shop completely, you are able to look through our existing products, and use the "Notify me when back in stock" buttons to sign up for alerts on your favorites so you'll know as soon as we re-open and restock! 😉

Are the Drag Queen Candy Shop polishes gone for good?

Nope! This year's Drag Queen Candy Shop collection of bright neon polishes is going to be part of our permanent product line! The queens will restock and take the stage again when we re-open! 😉💋

Be sure to sign up the for the restock alerts on the product pages so you'll know as soon as they're available again!

What about the Gilmore Girls monthly polish releases?

The Gilmore Girls-inspired monthly collection: A Year In The Life - will continue! The polishes for July & August will both be released when we reopen, and shades from the previous months will be restocked!

Will the polishes & trinkets on the site be restocked?

Yes! The polishes & trinkets currently listed on the shop (as "sold out") will be restocked later this year once we re-open.

Can I buy Tyler's Trinkets products anywhere else during the closure?

Our products are not regularly sold anywhere else - but we will have an exclusive polish and trinket in the September Polish Pickup shop from Sept. 6th through the 9th!

I have a question about an order I placed before the closure?

The best way to get help with an order you've placed is to reply to the order confirmation (or shipping) email - this helps us quickly identify and confirm your order information.

If you can't find an order notification email to reply to, please reach out to use via the Contact page. Please include the email address, customer name, and shipping address of the order you're asking about to help us verify the order.

Please allow 1-3 business days for a response during this time as we are unable to check email as frequently during the move.

I have a question that's not answered above...

We're happy to help! Please reach out to us via the Contact page. If you're reach out about a previous order, please reply to one of your order notification emails, or include the email, customer name, and address for the order when using the contact page.

Please allow 1-3 business days for a response during this time as we are unable to check email as frequently during the move.